What age is the best age to learn an instrument?

There is no age only your limitations. As young as 5 or 90. Nothing is stopping you from discovering the world of music.

Can I learn in four lessons?

Yes you will learn how to start the journey, but we hope that you will continue this journey and experience the unforgettable passion that all musicians feel.

Is there a start date for music lessons?

No you can start any time, unless you want to pursue the Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum.

How long have we taught piano?

Kathy Liarakos has been teaching for 30 years and her business parner has been magaing a music store for over 30 yaers as well.

Where do we provide the lesson?

All our lessons are done n one of our soundproof studios in our centre.

What kind of instuments do you provide?

We provide only the finest quality. We currently have Steinway verticals, and no piano under $10,000.

Is the owner a certified piano teacher?

Kathy Liarakos co - owner continues to be a certified RCM teacher and has been for over 15 years.

Do you include the study of theory in the yearly lesson plan?

Yes , there is always theory included.

Do you encourage parents to observe lessons or participate in practice sessions?

Yes we do, we want parents to participate and get to know every teacher. For additional security we have installed cameras in every studio.